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    BWH Egg Freezing Counseling Tool (EFCT)

    Predicts likelihood of live birth for elective egg freezing in women.


    This calculator is not externally validated, and as such, should be used with caution.


    Use in women age 24–44 years undergoing fertility counseling.

    When to Use
    Why Use

    Patients seeking fertility preservation with elective egg freezing.

    • Uses a woman’s age at egg retrieval and the number of mature eggs frozen to predict the probability of having at least one, two, or three live births.
    • Since limited data exist regarding live births following elective egg freezing, the BWH Egg Freezing Counseling Tool was developed from a surrogate population of presumably fertile women (egg donor, male-factor, and tubal-factor only infertility).
    • No number of frozen eggs can guarantee a live birth.
    • IVF stimulation cycles produce a variable number of eggs, even among women of similar ages. Older women typically obtain fewer eggs per stimulation cycle.
    • May be less reliable for women ≥39 years old.
    • May overestimate live birth rates for women undergoing non-elective egg freezing for medical reasons, such as cancer.
    • Data are retrospective and from a single academic institution in an insurance-mandated state.
    • Individual IVF clinics with different thaw survival and live birth rates may need to modify and customize this model.
    • Has yet to be prospectively validated.
    • Predicts likelihood of having at least one, two, or three live births using only two data points.
    • Incorporates likelihood that an embryo will have normal number of chromosomes.
    • Helps determine whether undergoing additional egg freezing cycles would result in a meaningful increase in likelihood of having a live birth.


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    Decisions about egg freezing should be made by the patient in conjunction with her physician, considering patient-specific characteristics.

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