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    What is "Creator Reviewed"?

    As practicing doctors running MDCalc, we are big fans of calculator "creators" (the researchers who discover and publish the evidence behind scores that make it to MDCalc). "Creator Reviewed" is the way that you, as a calc creator, become a part of the broader MDCalc family.

    In a practical sense, "Creator Reviewed" means just that: you’ve reviewed your calculator on MDCalc and approve (and if there’s anything we can improve about the calculator before you give your stamp of approval, don’t hesitate to let us know!).

    In addition to helping disseminate your work widely to physicians at the bedside, the "Creator Reviewed" option gives additional free benefits to creators, listed below.

    We do ask that you refrain from endorsing other online versions of your calculator. We’ll then mark your calc as "Creator Reviewed", denoted by a green badge by your name on the calculator page.

    For more information on how evidence is evaluated for inclusion as a calculator on MDCalc, see our FAQ.

    BenefitBasic"Creator Reviewed"
    Your photo and bio on the calculator page
    Opportunity to write for Paging MDCalc
    Access to MDCalc’s analytics on usage of your score
    Priority publishing of calculator updates on MDCalc*
    Free CME**
    Free widgets and tech support
    Opportunity for publication in MDCalc’s Pubmed-indexed partner journals***

    *If a validation study is published on your score, we’ll prioritize reviewing it and updating the calculator, if necessary.
    **When available; projected late 2019.
    ***Must pass standard peer review.

    Selecting "Creator Reviewed" indicates that you agree with the terms stated above. You also agree, by using our site, to the general Terms and Conditions.