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    TNM Staging for Breast Cancer

    Stages breast cancer based on tumor, lymph nodes, and metastases.


    This calculator is based on the 7th edition of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual. An update based on the 8th edition is currently in progress.

    When to Use
    Why Use

    Patients with breast cancer who have had biopsy.

    • The tumor node metastasis (TNM) system stages breast cancer; stage then prognosticates outcome of patients.
    • The staging system is frequently updated in response to new technologies and treatments.

    The TNM system is the standard staging system used by oncologists to both prognosticate and communicate clearly about patients.

    Cannot be assessed
    No evidence of primary tumor
    Carcinoma in situ OR Paget's disease
    Invasive tumor
    Cannot be assessed
    No regional lymph node mets
    Regional lymph node mets
    No clinical or radiographic evidence of distant metastasis
    No clinical or radiographic evidence of distant mets, but tumor cells in blood, bone marrow, or other nonregional nodal tissue no larger than 0.2 mm
    Clinical and radiographic evidence of mets or histologically proven >0.2 mm


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    Use the TNM system once breast cancer diagnosis is biopsy confirmed.

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