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    Absolute Reticulocyte Count & Reticulocyte Index

    Assesses appropriate response to anemia, frequently in sickle cell patients.
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    Determining if an anemic patient is mounting an appropriate response to their anemia, or if they have an inadequate marrow response (either from the marrow itself or a nutrient deficiency, or the blood loss was too rapid for reticulocyte response).

    The laboratory “reticulocyte count” is actually a percentage. The absolute count corrects for the level of anemia, and the reticulocyte index determines if the reticulocyte count is appropriate for the level of anemia.



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    • Patients with an appropriate marrow response (high reticulocyte index) typically are not evaluated further.
    • Patients with an inappropriate marrow response (low reticulocyte index) may be further evaluated for nutritional deficiencies or marrow abnormalities.
    • Always consider transfusion and/or iron supplementation in anemic patients.


    Absolute reticulocyte count = # or % retics * (pt's Hct / normal Hct)

    Reticulocyte index = absolute reticulocyte count / maturation factor

    Maturation factors:

    Hematocrit Maturation factor
    ≥35% 1.0
    25 to <35% 1.5
    20 to <25% 2.0
    <20% 2.5

    Facts & Figures


    Reticulocyte index Interpretation
    ≥2 Adequate response
    <2 Hypoproliferation
    Poorana Priya

    About the Creator

    Poorana Priya is a postgraduate pathologist practicing in India at Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital.