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Adult Self-Report Scale (ASRS v1.1) for ADHD

Diagnoses adult ADHD.

This is intended for patients 18 years and older.
Select the response that best describes how the patient has felt and conducted his/herself over the past 6 months.
About the Creator
Dr. Lenard Adler
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    The screener is meant to detect cases that warrant further clinical assessment, and cannot be used alone for diagnosis.


    • Presence of ≥4 points indicates symptoms highly consistent with adult ADHD; these cases warrant further clinical assessment.
    • Further clinical assessment includes:
      • Clinical interview
      • Mental status examination
      • Neuropsychological testing may be considered (e.g., subthreshold symptoms, diagnostic uncertainty)
      • Labs and medical work-up when clinically warranted
    • Clinical interview may be guided by questions in the screener and the remaining DSM criteria. Assess the level of impairment associated with each symptom (including at work, school and in social situations) and evaluate for presence of symptoms in childhood.

    Critical Actions

    Symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity are relatively nonspecific and are encountered in many psychiatric and some medical disorders. Comprehensive clinical evaluation should include consideration of mood, anxiety, learning or substance use disorders as underlying cause or comorbid condition. Workup for underlying organic disorders, if there is clinical suspicion, should be considered.

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