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    Brain Metastasis Velocity (BMV) Model

    Calculates rate of distant brain failure after stereotactic radiosurgery for brain metastasis.
    When to Use
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    • Use for patients with any primary cancer who have developed a distant brain failure (new brain metastasis) after upfront stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS).

    • Not appropriate for use in patients who have had prior whole brain radiation therapy.

    • Developed to predict outcomes at the time of salvage treatment after upfront SRS.

    • Correlates with overall survival, neurologic death, and time to additional salvage treatments by placing patients into low, intermediate, and high risk groups.

    • Primary cancers with the largest representation in the study were breast, lung, RCC, and melanoma.

    Stratifying patients into high and low BMV categories can allow providers to better counsel patients on their risks of requiring additional treatments in the future, such additional SRS or whole brain radiation therapy.



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    • For patients with low BMV (scores <4), localized therapy (e.g. SRS) might be most appropriate.

    • Counseling patients with high BMV (scores >13) that there is an increased risk of needing additional therapies in the future, should a localized approach be considered, is an important part of management.

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