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    Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Collection

    Estimates CD34+ yield using pre-apheresis peripheral blood absolute CD34 blood count.


    This dosing tool is intended to assist with calculation, not to provide comprehensive or definitive drug information. Always double-check dosing of any drug and consult a pharmacist when necessary. It is important that clinical decisions are made only from laboratory results on validated instruments. 

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    When a patient is undergoing peripheral blood CD34+ stem cell collection, this equation can be used to approximate the number of CD34+ cells that will be collected to determine approximate length/days of stem cell collection.

    • Gives providers an estimation of length of treatment. For example, a high collection estimate suggests that collection could be completed in 1-2 days as opposed to 4-5 days. 
    • On the last day of collection when a patient is near goal, if the estimation provides a high number, the patient may not need to undergo a full day collection. 
    × 10⁶ cells/L


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