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    McDonald Criteria for Multiple Sclerosis (2017 Revision)

    Diagnoses multiple sclerosis.


    Changes from the 2010 McDonald Criteria:

    1. Presence of CSF-specific oligoclonal bands may now substitute for dissemination in time (DIT) even if baseline MRI findings do not meet DIT criteria.

    2. In patients with brainstem or spinal cord attacks, symptomatic lesions may now be included as MRI evidence of dissemination in space (DIS) or DIT.

    3. Cortical lesions may now fulfill MRI criteria for DIS (in addition to juxtacortical lesions).

    When to Use

    Patients with suspected MS who have undergone MRI.

    • Developed for patients with a typical clinically isolated syndrome deemed unlikely to have other diagnoses, NOT to differentiate MS from other conditions.
    • These criteria may help differentiate relapsing-remitting MS from other clinically isolated syndromes that may mimic it.
    Clinical attacks

    Must have ≥1 clinical attack


    Must have ≥1 lesion


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    Dr. Alan J. Thompson

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    Alan J. Thompson, MD, FMedSci, FRCP, FRCPI, is the dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences and the Garfield Weston Professor of Clinical Neurology and Neurorehabilitation at the University College London in London, England. He is also a senior investigator and faculty member at the National Institute for Health Research. Dr. Thompson’s primary research is focused on predicting outcomes in multiple sclerosis using MRI techniques.

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    Dr. Alan J. Thompson
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