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    Static Lung Compliance (Cstat) Calculation

    Calculates pressure needed to overcome elastic resistance to ventilation.


    Launched during COVID-19 crisis.

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    Pplat is measured before exhalation (end of inhalation) by using an inspiratory hold maneuver. Airflow is briefly "held", eliminating the effects of airway resistance.

    Cstat (static compliance) is static (during an inspiratory hold, where no gas flow is taking place), and should not be confused with Cdyn (dynamic compliance), calculated during gas flow.

    • Static lung compliance is change in volume for any applied pressure given.

    • Work of breathing is largely determined by lung compliance, and compliance can be important in monitoring disease progression, particularly in critical patients on mechanical ventilation in the ICU.

    • Low lung compliance suggests "stiffness" - seen in fibrotic conditions, for example.

    • High lung compliance suggests pliability - seen in conditions like emphysema, for example.

    • ARDS in particular causes decreased lung compliance by alveolar collapse and decreased surfactant activity; part of the treatment of severe ARDS involves attempting to improve lung compliance (proning, neuromuscular blockade, etc).

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    Robert Marshall, MD, was a physician and researcher in the department of physiology and pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Dr. Marshall’s primary research is focused on the physical properties of lungs and pulmonary mechanics.

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