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    Phenytoin (Dilantin) Correction for Albumin / Renal Failure

    Corrects serum phenytoin level for renal failure and/or hypoalbuminemia.


    Use in patients with albumin ≤3.2 g/dL (32 g/L). The “Sheiner-Tozer Equation” is the official name of this correction. This updated formula uses an albumin coefficient of 0.275, and 0.2 for patients with renal failure (see Evidence for details).

    When to Use
    Why Use

    Patients taking phenytoin who have renal failure or albumin ≤3.2 g/dL (32 g/L).

    Phenytoin has a narrow therapeutic window, and is highly protein-bound. The protein-bound phenytoin is what is typically measured by the lab. However, unbound phenytoin is the active portion (it crosses the blood-brain barrier). This calculator helps estimate the equivalent active amount of phenytoin based on typical lab values.

    Helps avoid under- or over-dosing in patients with renal failure or low albumin.



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    Thomas N. Tozer, PhD, PharmD, BS, is professor emeritus of biopharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical chemistry at School of Pharmacy at UCSF. He is the co-author of Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics: Concepts and Applications. Prior to retirement, Dr. Tozer researched colon-specific drug delivery, toxicokinetics, kinetics of potential contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging and nonlinear pharmacokinetics.

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    About the Creator
    Dr. Thomas N. Tozer
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