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    Modified Hoehn and Yahr Scale for Parkinson’s Disease

    Grades severity of symptoms in Parkinson’s disease.
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    Unilateral involvement only
    Unilateral and axial involvement
    Bilateral involvement without impairment of balance
    Mild bilateral disease with recovery on pull test
    Mild to moderate bilateral disease; some postural instability; physically independent
    Severe disability; still able to walk or stand unassisted
    Wheelchair bound or bedridden unless aided


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    Creator Insights
    Dr. Margaret M. Hoehn

    About the Creator

    Margaret M. Hoehn, MD, (d. 2005) was a professor of neurology at Columbia University. She also served as director of the Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. Her research centered on Parkinson's disease and the effects of Parkinson’s treatments. Dr. Hoehn was the first to build a rating scale for neurological assessment of Parkinson’s patients.

    To view Dr. Margaret M. Hoehn's publications, visit PubMed

    Dr. Melvin D. Yahr

    About the Creator

    Melvin D. Yahr, MD, (d. 2004) was the Alex and Shirley Aidekman Family Neurological Research Professor at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. He also served as chairman emeritus of the Estelle and Daniel Maggin Department of Neurology and started the first NIH-supported Parkinson's Disease Research and Education Center. Dr. Yahr’s research interests included Parkinson’s disease, neurology, and levodopa therapy. For more on Dr. Yahr’s accomplishments, view this article.

    To view Dr. Melvin D. Yahr's publications, visit PubMed

    About the Creator
    Dr. Margaret M. Hoehn
    Dr. Melvin D. Yahr