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    Hamilton Anxiety Scale

    Rates level of anxiety based on clinical questions.
    When to Use
    Why Use
    • Evaluating new patients to assess their level of anxiety and functioning.
    • Trending a patient’s anxiety level over time.

    The Hamilton Anxiety Scale can help objectify and rate the severity of a patient's anxiety.


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    Creator Insights


    Patients with anxiety can often benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); most can be managed as outpatients.


    Addition of the selected points.

    Point Values:

    • 0=Not Present
    • +1=Mild
    • +2=Moderate
    • +3=Severe
    • +4=Very Severe

    Facts & Figures

    Score interpretation:

    • Scores ≤17 indicate mild anxiety severity.
    • Scores of 18-24 indicate mild to moderate anxiety severity
    • Scores of 25-30 indicate moderate to severe anxiety severity
    • Scores >30 indicate severe anxiety
    Dr. Per Bech

    About the Creator

    Per Bech, MD, trained in psychiatry at the University of Copenhagen. He is an active lecturer and researcher in psychiatry and psychometrics. He was recently appointed Professor of Applied Psychometrics at the University of Copenhagen. He has won many awards both within Denmark and abroad for his research and prowess within the field.

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    About the Creator
    Dr. Per Bech