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    Abbey Pain Scale for Dementia Patients

    Assesses pain in patients with advanced dementia.
    When to Use
    Why Use

    Patients with severe dementia and potentially in pain.

    The Abbey Pain Scale is a standardized pain assessment tool developed for use in demented nonverbal patients.

    Pain assessment is difficult in the dementia population, a group believed to be under-treated for pain. A standardized tool may help improve management.


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    Next Steps
    Creator Insights

    Critical Actions

    Requires a comprehensive examination to assess for physical injuries, vital signs and sources of potential pain.


    Addition of assigned points.

    Facts & Figures

    Score interpretation:

    • Scores ≤2 indicate no pain.
    • Scores 3-7 indicate mild pain.
    • Scores 8-13 indicate moderate pain.
    • Scores ≥14 indicate severe pain.

    Note: all scores can be classified by type of pain: acute, chronic and acute on chronic.

    Ms. Jennifer Abbey

    About the Creator

    Jennifer Abbey, RN, PhD is a professor of nursing, specializing in aged care at the School of Nursing of Queensland University of Technology and The Prince Charles Hospital Health Service District. She was formerly the director of the Dementia Collaborative Research and Training Centre for Consumers, Carers and Social Research as well as the Deputy Director of the Eastern Australia Dementia Training and Study Centre.

    To view Ms. Jennifer Abbey's publications, visit PubMed