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    Fetal Biophysical Profile (BPP) Score

    Predicts need for urgent delivery based on sonographic and nonstress testing.
    When to Use
    Why Use
    • Use in pregnant patients, generally in the third trimester.
    • Should be administered by users familiar with interpretation of fetal heart rate monitoring and fetal ultrasound.
    • Indicated in pregnancies with risk of antepartum fetal demise, including maternal conditions (e.g. antiphospholipid syndrome, poorly-controlled hyperthyroidism) and pregnancy-related conditions (e.g. gestational hypertension, intrauterine growth restriction). For full list, see ACOG Practice Bulletin, Antepartum Fetal Surveillance (box 1, page 186).
    • Nonstress test can be omitted and presumed normal if all four sonography parameters are normal (2 points for each).
    • Of five fetal parameters, four are acute (nonstress test, fetal breathing, fetal movement, and fetal tone) and one is chronic (amniotic fluid volume).

    Helps determine if emergent delivery is required.

    <30 sec of breathing within 30 min
    ≥1 episode of rhythmic breathing lasting ≥30 sec within 30 min
    <3 discrete movements
    ≥3 discrete body or limb movements within 30 min
    0 extension/flexion events
    ≥1 episode of extremity extension and subsequent return to flexion
    Largest single vertical pocket ≤2 cm
    A pocket of amniotic fluid ≥2 cm in 2 perpendicular planes (2x2 cm pocket)


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    Consult neonatology if fetal asphyxia is suspected.

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