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    GALAD Model for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)

    Diagnoses HCC based on serum biomarkers in patients with chronic liver disease (CLD).
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    Use in patients with chronic liver disease (CLD).

    • Estimates risk that a CLD patient has HCC using only tumor markers and demographics (i.e., no imaging).
    • AUROC was 0.92 in one validation study (Best 2016).


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    Dr. Philip J. Johnson

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    Philip J. Johnson, MD, FRCP, is a professor in translational oncology at the University of Liverpool. He is also the deputy director of the North West Cancer Research Centre, University of Liverpool. Dr. Johnson’s primary research is focused on diagnosis and prognosis of hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancer.

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    About the Creator
    Dr. Philip J. Johnson
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