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    Alcoholic Liver Disease (beta)

    Official guideline from the American College of Gastroenterology.

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    Environmental and Genetic Determinants

    Environmental and Genetic Determinants
    1. Patients with obesity or chronic HCV should avoid consumption of alcohol.
    2. Patients with ALD should be advised to abstain from cigarettes.

    Diagnosis of Alcoholic Use Disorder

    Diagnosis of Alcoholic Use Disorder
    1. Patients who have heavy alcohol use (>3 drinks per day in men and >2 drinks in women) for >5 years) should be counseled that they are at increased risk for alcoholic liver disease.

    Management of Alcoholic Liver Disease

    Management of Alcohol Use Disorder
    1. In patients with ALD, baclofen is effective in preventing alcohol relapse.
    2. In patients with ALD, brief motivational interventions are effective in reducing alcohol relapse compared with no intervention.

    Alcoholic Hepatitis

    Treatment of Alcoholic Hepatitis
    1. Patients with AH should be considered for nutritional supplementation to ensure adequate caloric intake and to correct specific deficits, yet its effects on patient survival has not been proven.
    2. Patients with severe AH should be treated with corticosteroids if there are no contraindications for their use.
    3. The existing evidence does not support the use of pentoxifylline for patients with severe AH.

    Liver Transplantation in Alcoholic Liver Disease

    Liver Transplantation in Alcoholic Liver Disease
    1. Liver transplantation may be considered for highly selected patients with severe AH.
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    Research PaperSingal AK, Bataller R, Ahn J, Kamath PS, Shah VH. Acg clinical guideline: alcoholic liver disease. American Journal of Gastroenterology. 2018;113(2):175-194.