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    H2FPEF Score for Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

    Estimates probability of underlying heart failure in patients with preserved ejection fraction on echo.
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    Use in euvolemic patients with unexplained exertional dyspnea who have had an echo, to assess for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF).

    HFpEF is difficult to diagnose, and historical diagnostic criteria have been consensus-based. This score offers an evidence-based way to identify patients likely to have HFpEF.

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    Next Steps
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    Consider further workup for pulmonary and other noncardiac causes of dyspnea in patients with low or intermediate probability of HFpEF. Treat for HF in patients with high probability of HFpEF.


    Probability of heart failure with preserved EF = (Z / (1 + Z)) x 100 where Z = ey and

    y = -9.1917 + 0.0451 x age + 0.1307 x BMI + 0.0859 x E/e' ratio + 0.0520 x pulmonary artery systolic pressure + 1.6997 x atrial fibrillation (1 for Yes and 0 for No)

    Note: the authors describe two prediction models in the study, one involving simple addition of points and dichotomous variables, and one with continuous variables. The latter was found to be more accurate and so is presented here. Hypertension was included in the simple model but not found to be significant in the complex model and therefore is excluded.

    Dr. Yogesh N.V. Reddy

    About the Creator

    Yogesh N.V. Reddy, MBBS, is a cardiac electrophysiologist in the division of cardiovascular diseases at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Reddy’s primary research is focused on diagnosis and treatment of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.

    To view Dr. Yogesh N.V. Reddy's publications, visit PubMed