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    Maintenance Fluids Calculations

    Calculates maintenance fluid requirements by weight.


    While originally derived in pediatric patients, this calculator is applicable to any age. Consider using ideal body weight in obese patients. If not calculating based on ideal body weight, use clinical judgment for dosing. A 1-liter bolus may be appropriate for most patients, such as overweight adolescents and adults.

    When to Use
    Why Use
    • Determining IV fluid rates for patients who are not taking oral fluids (either from vomiting or being NPO).
    • Determining IV fluid requirements for patients who are dehydrated or have insensible losses or third spacing.

    Weight-based dosing of fluids is important given the fact that a patient's total body water (and blood volume) are based on their weight.



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    Dr. Malcolm Holliday

    About the Creator

    Malcolm Holliday, MD, (d. 2014) was a pediatric nephrologist and physiologist. Dr. Holliday’s original work studying inherited tubular disorders and congenital renal defects eventually led him to become professor of pediatrics and chief of the Division of Pediatric Nephrology at University of California San Francisco, a position he held for over two and a half decades of his 60 year career.

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    About the Creator
    Dr. Malcolm Holliday
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