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    Rome IV Diagnostic Criteria for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

    Provides criteria for diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome.


    Use in patients with recurrent abdominal pain at least 1 day per week in the last 3 months on average, associated with ≥2 of the criteria below. The criteria are fulfilled with symptoms onset 6 months prior to diagnosis.

    When to Use

    Patients being evaluated for possible IBS.

    How Rome IV has changed from Rome III:

    • Intended to be applied to a more multicultural population than Rome III, which was derived for a Western cohort.
    • Requires only pain as a symptom (“discomfort” has been eliminated because it is nonspecific). Pain can either increase or decrease with bowel movements, versus decreasing only in Rome III.
    • Includes criteria for subtypes of IBS.

    Point to keep in mind:

    • There remains no objective reference (i.e., “gold”) standard for IBS; the criteria were developed through a literature review and consensus process.
    Must have ≥2 of the following:

    Associated with recurrent abdominal pain ≥1 day/wk in the last 3 months (on average)

    Diagnostic Result:

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    Differences between Rome III and Rome IV:

    Differences between Rome IV and Rome III Criteria for IBS

    Drossman 2017.


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