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    UCLA Integrated Staging System (UISS) for Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC)

    Provides 5-year disease-free prognosis for localized and metastatic RCC.


    When to Use
    Why Use

    Patients with RCC, localized or metastatic, particularly those being considered for clinical trial enrollment.

    • This score placed patients with local or metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) into mortality risk groups: low, intermediate/moderate, and high.
    • The derivation and numerous external validations have been chart reviews, though all find orderly progressions in 5-year survival based on group.
    • Prospective validation is eagerly awaited, and we know of no validations including substantial numbers of patients treated with modern targeted VEGF therapy.

    There are no validated scoring systems for predicting survival in mRCC. Using a score may help sketch categories of survival time better than clinical judgment alone.


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    Creator Insights


    The UISS score is often used for screening and stratifying patients into modern therapy trials, including trials of VEGF therapy such as sunitinib. The consistency of results in validation studies is somewhat reassuring, and one advantage is its applicability to patients with and without metastatic disease.


    We are unaware of validated management algorithms using the score.

    Critical Actions

    The UISS score is complex, requiring close attention to multiple variables for correct classification.

    Dr. Amnon Zisman

    About the Creator

    Amnon Zisman, MD, is professor of urologic surgery at Sackler School of Medicine affiliated Tel Aviv University. He is currently head of urology department at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center. Dr. Zisman’s research focuses on increased accuracy of diagnosis and prognosis of RCC as well as novel treatment strategies in renal disease.

    To view Dr. Amnon Zisman's publications, visit PubMed