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    COVID-19 Resource Center

    $1 Million for COVID-19 Ad Grant Recipients

    MDCalc, in partnership with NYC Health Business Leaders, is donating $1 million in advertising grants to innovative organizations impacting the COVID-19 crisis response efforts (apply here). The featured companies are working hard to support medical professionals in both clinical and personal capacities.

    Learn more about their efforts below!

    Vytalize Health

    Vytalize Health provides an all-in-one solution for primary care physicians to expand their service scope and transition them to value-based care. Vytalize is the only Medicare Accountable Care Organization tailored to independent primary care physicians that provides monthly bonuses throughout the year and remote services to improve quality and lower costs.


    VotER is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501c3-affiliated organization with a vision to help create a future where those most hurt by the healthcare system are empowered to fix it by inviting their voices into the democratic process.

    In collaboration with a range of healthcare and civic engagement organizations, VotER is also helping launch the inaugural Civic Health Month this August.

    Along with our outstanding partners, we hope to help heal our broken health system, one vote at a time.

    Vesta Healthcare

    Vesta Healthcare is a clinical services program and virtual care platform dedicated to connecting caregivers (professional, informal, paid, and unpaid) and care recipients with the rest of the clinical care team. Vesta partners with home care agencies, health plans, and providers to help high-needs seniors age at home comfortably and safely with a focus on improved health outcomes and reductions in avoidable hospitalizations and emergency department visits. This is accomplished by leveraging the insights from caregivers in the home and connecting those insights with additional clinical data to help providers anticipate changes in condition before hospitalization becomes necessary.

    COVID-19 is particularly challenging for the high-needs members that Vesta Healthcare serves. In response, Vesta is continuously adding new features to its easy to use virtual care platform. Features include a mobile app to support our members and their caregivers, COVID-19 related education and symptom screenings tailored to our members and caregivers’ needs, Medicare remote patient monitoring and chronic care management programs, secure video visits, and 24/7 access to our nurses. Vesta Healthcare is dedicated to its mission to extend care into the home and enable caregivers, members, and providers to stay connected when in-person care is not available.


    LabFinder bridges the gap between patients, doctors, payors, labs, and imaging centers. Our platform helps users schedule diagnostic tests with locations in their payor network or at fair market self-pay centers. In addition to scheduling and making diagnostic tests more accessible, we ensure every user has access to their results and can easily share with any doctor or center of their choice.

    In regards to COVID-19, we've worked closely with our laboratory partners to make sure all of our users have access to COVID-19 testing. We assist our users with scheduling the PCR COVID-19 swab, Antigen COVID-19 point-of-care swab, and the COVID-19 Antibody test.

    Yosi Health

    Dirty clipboards, heavily used kiosks and tablets, and patients in close proximity are a source of contagion(s) in patient waiting areas at medical clinics. Front desk staff interact with patients, handling forms, pens, patient ID, insurance and credit cards etc.

    Over five years ago, Yosi Health was founded to disrupt this inefficient and now dangerous waiting room workflow. Starting before the patient’s arrival and continuing after they leave, Yosi’s end-to-end contactless on-boarding solutions shifts all patient registration functions outside the waiting room pre-arrival, keeping staff and patients safe at a distance.


    TrialScope empowers clinical trial teams to leverage clinical trial information like never before. Stay compliant, engage the public, and drive patient recruitment — all with one integrated platform. TrialScope is the most widely adopted trial transparency platform, trusted by 17 of the top 20 industry clinical trial sponsors, managing more than 67,000 clinical trials worldwide. And supported by the most knowledgeable subject-matter experts in the industry features a robust search engine, powered by TrialScope technology, that enables site visitors to search for COVID-19 clinical trials by keyword or location. An advanced search function offers additional filters: distance, study status, study phase, as well as age and gender requirements for participants. The website automatically syncs clinical trial information from, the national registry of clinical trials. Established by the United States National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, it houses the largest database of clinical trials.

    In addition to information on the coronavirus, the website also educates the public on clinical trials. In order to combat the coronavirus, a vaccine and treatments are needed. And these require clinical trials to prove efficacy and safety. Now, more than ever, it is important to build awareness of clinical trials and make them easier to access. Educational resources and advocacy services are provided for patients and the public by the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP), an internationally recognized nonprofit organization. is an online education platform on a mission to provide medicine and health students with the best learning experience possible. Founded by Johns Hopkins medical students, Shiv Gaglani, MBA and M. Ryan Haynes, PhD, MPhil, Osmosis provides educational videos, practice questions, flashcards, and high-yield notes to an audience of more than 1 million current and future health professionals worldwide.

    As COVID-19 spread rapidly around the world, Osmosis created an extensive library of free educational materials for current and future health professionals and the public, including videos, infographics, webinars, and wellness resources. These covered a range of topics, including COVID-19 pathophysiology, N95 mask-fitting, mechanical ventilation, COVID-19 imaging features, and more. Osmosis also launched the Coronavirus Pandemic Daily Report, a YouTube series hosted by Chief Medical Officer Rishi Desai, MD, MPH dedicated to providing the latest COVID-19 updates. Many of these resources are included in Osmosis’s free, CME-accredited COVID-19 course, which aims to help clinicians and members of the general public understand how to diagnose and manage COVID-19 cases. To date, nearly 20,000 people have completed the course.

    Throughout the pandemic, Osmosis has focused on the critical need to raise the line and increase the capacity of the healthcare system by training more healthcare workers. To this end, Osmosis has given out the equivalent of 5,000 years of access to their online learning platform, Osmosis Prime, to everyone who pledged to help raise the line, flatten the curve, and slow the spread of COVID-19.

    Bluestream Health

    Bluestream Health is a leading provider for telehealth to healthcare providers and health systems. With over 500 health system facilities and 50,000 providers, Bluestream is delivering over 4 million video minutes and 100,000 virtual care visits a month with average wait times of 12 seconds. Its virtual care platform provides health systems, clinics and third party providers with a simple and low-cost way to build, deploy, and manage complex clinical workflows.

    Its open, networked, and collaborative system provides health systems, clinics and third party providers a powerful yet very simple to use virtual care solution to connect them with their patients and customers. Bluestream works across all devices and requires only a single click in a text or email for patient and provider to connect for a virtual visit. In addition it affords health practices of all kinds robust clinical workflows and patient queue management to meet the demanding needs of delivering quality care. It’s customers include large providers such as Bayada, Allina Health, Medstar, Nebraska Medicine and more.

    Bluestream offers a free, HIPAA-compliant virtual care solution to help care providers work with patients that are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. This free, streamlined solution is intended to help healthcare providers deal with patients remotely utilizing a simple workflow with no setup or downloads for either the provider or patient. 500+ healthcare facilities and over 50,000 healthcare providers are using Bluestream to fight COVID-19.